Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stolen Faces, Morocco Part 3

One of the harder parts about taking all the pictures I did was capturing people. They really don't want you to take their photo. In Italy its a superstition thing, because they think you're stealing their soul. In Morocco, I didn't want to experience that confrontation, so I just stole the picture. That's the reason some of these shots are kind of blurry: I had to move fast. Most of the time, my camera (being smaller than the size of my palm) was lodged in my hand with the lens poking out from between my pointer and middle finger, while my thumb rested on the shutter button ready to go. I guess you could call it a style of street photography, I call it roughing it. Half the fun of it though was not really being able to look at the picture until that night and see what the hell I actually did get. A lot of the shots ended up completely useless and not decipherable, but some actually did focus enough, and I kind of like them. These are the people, faces, animals, and moments of my trip. 

My Adventure Companions:

 Pierra, Mom

 Gina, Aunt

 Lena, Cousin